Bonnell Spring Vs Pocketed Spring

bonnell spring vs pocket spring

Bonnell Spring / Innerspring

Bonnell spring system mattress is one of the earliest types of spring mattress technology in the market. Bonnell springs are spring interconnected by metal wire joined together. Mattresses of this type tend to be firmer due to its inner coil structure. As the spring interconnected by metal wire, this type of spring system tend to be more motion-sensitive. This means that when someone moves on one side of the bed, the person at the other end of the bed may feel the movement on the mattress as well. And also bonnel spring will be less support for your back as the spring are interconnected together and doesnt give a support contour for your back. However, bonnell spring system mattresses are generally durable and made affordable for many. 

Pocketed Spring

Pocketed spring system mattresses, unlike bonnell spring system mattresses, Pocket springs are springs wrapped in individual pockets of cotton or other materials. The main advantage is that the spring work individually to reduces movement across the mattress. When your partner move or turn while sleeping, it  does not cause any disturbance to you. This factor is particularly relevant for consumers who are looking for queen or king size mattresses. Pocketed spring systems also provide better support throughout the whole body with the individual pocketed coils responding individually to different parts of your body weight. Pocketed spring mattresses are also slightly pricier as compared to bonnell spring mattresses.