The Orthorest mattress is more than a place to lay tired bodies down. It is a whole world where most will spend most of their time. Whether it is surfing the web, listening to the latest hit songs, battling the aliens to save the world on your console, or having the occasional pillow fight, it is all happening on an Orthorest.
Redefining active living with Orthorest – a good night’s sleep plays a vital role in maintaining personal good health and wellbeing. The range of Orthorest mattresses have been designed to adapt to your active lifestyle, while ensuring you feel well-rested and revitalized for the day after.
Orthorest is a member of the esteemed Pikolin Group, one of Europe’s bedding giants and market leader in Spain, France and Portugal. The touch of European expertise and technology makes Orthorest one of the leading and innovative bedding brands in the market today.
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