Ozzy Cool Boost Latex Pillow
Ozzy Cool Boost Latex Pillow
Ozzy Cool Boost Latex Pillow

Ozzy Cool Boost Latex Pillow

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Ozzy Cool Boost Latex Pillow provides you superior resilience, comfy and plushy yet supportive cooling sleep throughout your night. Wake up feel energised everyday!

Ozzy Cool Boost Latex Pillow features 100% Natural Latex which provide excellent support for your head and neck. Latex comes with mini holes to helps ventilate away hot air and keeps you cool, its also hypoallergenic and anti bacteria. Natural latex is also very resilient therefore it keep your pillow in shape for long.

Ozzy Cool Silk™ Technology Knitted Fabric (cool to the touch) to keep sleepers comfortable and cool through the night. Its  a removable cover that you can machine wash it which helps to extend the pillow life span. Its also hypoallergenic and anti bacteria


1. Pillow Dimensions - 60cm x 40cm x 13cm

2. Material - Natural Latex

3. Removable Cool-Silk™ Knitted Fabric Pillow Cover

4. 1 Years Warranty

5. German Technology 

6. Specially designed for the hot & humid weather in Singapore!

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