King Koil Thermic Inspire Latex Plush Pillow Top Pocketed Spring Mattress

King Koil TempRIght Inspire Latex Plush Pillow Top Pocketed Spring Mattress (NON-FLIP)

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Comfort Level : Medium Firm

KingKoil Thermic Inspire Latex with the latest Technology – THERMIC™ contains millions of embedded cells in the fabric, which absorbs energy to cool off, & releases this energy as heat to warm you without altering your temperature.

Relaxed Sleep:
 THERMIC™ has extreme insulation properties due to the hollow spaces in the mattress fabric. The air in these spaces takes on a sleeper’s body heat and ensures the ideal sleeping temperature at all times, regardless of the ambient temperature.
: The ideal temperature is definitely an important requirement for untroubled, peaceful sleep. What’s more, THERMIC™ is also very body-friendly due to its ultra-soft feel.

Health: An ideal mattress for people with allergies. THERMIC™ composition discourages fungus development, so it does not constitute a feeding ground for dust house mites and other allergens.
Seductive look and feel: The soft and luxurious feel of the mattress ensures maximum sleep comfort.


  • Firmness Rating 6/10, Medium & Soft Comfort
  • Individually Pocketed Spring System with Centre Third Support & Encased Foam Box for Superior Edge Support
  • 100% Natural Latex is Simply the Best for Body Conforming Comfort & Automatically Correct Support
  • Exclusive Luxury Plush Latex Pillow Top Construction For That Superior Comfort
  • Upholstered with Ultra Super Soft High Density Foam
  • One Side Construction – No Need to Turn
  • 11.5″ Mattress Thickness With Excellent Support Not Compromising Comfort

Product dimension(approx)


  • Length : 190cm
  • Width : 91cm
  • Height : 11.5″

Super Single

  • Length : 190cm
  • Width : 107cm
  • Height : 11.5″


  • Length : 190cm
  • Width : 152cm
  • Height : 11.5″


  • Length : 190cm
  • Width : 183cm
  • Height : 11.5″


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  • 10 years warranty on manufacturer defects

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